WHO CARES? Thoughts on Apathy

WHO CARES? Thoughts on Apathy, is a memoir written not because I think my life would be so interesting to others, but because life is so interesting to me. The pages herein will test the mud on everything from homelessness in America to DIY projects gone awry. We will be murking through the sludgy, slurping waters of sympathy and empathy, of responsibility and fault, until, spent, we lay upon the shore of apathy either to cynically celebrate our disinvolvement or to decide to jump into the messy bogs of life and become a participant. This is not a collection of anecdotes culminating in a catharses, or even any sort of “aha” moment whereupon all the mud is washed away to reveal the crystal clear meaning of all things human. These essays reveal sad, angry, scared, insecure, suspicious, happy, jealous, hopeful and loving elements with sometimes funny prose and at other times rankling poetics. It is somewhat funny when one considers that maybe June Cleaver smiled so much on “Leave it to Beaver,” because of Ward’s testosterone level (and why is this piece written in present tense?), and in turn it is uncomfortable to the point of being irritating to think about homelessness in the sense of responsibility, fault, and taking charge of one’s own community. Sometimes we need to chill out, stop taking things too seriously. Sometimes we need to really assess a situation better and try to do something about it. I read once that there are only ten known laws in all the universe. That simple statement has niggled around in the back of my mind for many, many years, I always come back to it because what it means to me is that if we’re not discussing gravity, motion, energy, etc. all of our views are relevant yet certainly not static; a large part of our lives is lived purely by faith. Strap on your hip waders and grab hold of your walking stick; you’re going to need it for trekking through the mire.

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