Cottonwood Justice 

Whereby Jennifer Vandenberg and yours truly team up to form the pseudonym of Richard Bonham Waters and write the western novel, Cottonwood Justice:

Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t a man – sometimes it’s two women. Cottonwood Justice, our 55,000 word traditional western follows the trials and triumphs of two such determined women as they try to find justice for their lost loved ones.

In 1878 Josephine Becker left a successful teaching career in Texas to hunt down the man who had raped and murdered her sister. Katie Baine spent the last two years of her life honing her survival skills in order to reclaim her ranch from the man who had killed her father and stolen from her all that she had ever loved. Their paths cross at Fort Laramie where they each realize that their funds and their searches have run dry. With no other options they become reluctant partners at the Cottonwood Way Station thus providing the resources by which to avenge the deaths of their loved ones.

Along the way they meet a variety of famous and infamous people, some who want to help, and others who want to halt what they think is a foolish and dangerous quest. But Jo and Katie do not quit. Their determined hunt takes them from the muddy, blood-filled streets of Deadwood to the commercial hub of Cheyenne where they learn that justice is not only a man’s job despite what the men around them might think.

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Jennifer Vandenberg and Tami Richards


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