The Rhetorical Engineering of Tami Richards

I recently saw a graph about blogs that was divided into thirds. This graph showed that 1/3 of blogs are about cooking, 1/3 about conspiracy theories and 1/3 are self-promotion blogs.  Guess where the one you’re reading right now falls?  So, welcome one and all to the single-page entry concerning the most relevent information about what I am up to. Presented below, In chronological order, is my electronic portfolio:
18th Century History Newsletter
Book: “The Canvas Between The Lines”
Poetry featured on Mr. Sifuentes’ literary blog
Herstoria Magazine
Oregon Home Magazine
Praise and Worship Website
The Muffin, “WOW”s blog
Slab Literary Journal
Notes and Grace Notes
This I Believe
Our Town Life
Willamette Valley Life
Our Usa Magazine
Our Town
Willamette Valley Life
Long Story Short ezine
Willamette Woman
BLOGS: Willamette Valley Barns and Structures, and
Heritage, a Women’s History Blog
BOOK: HEROIC VIGNETTES, Feminine Americans
Willamette Valley Life, Spring 2016
                                                                                            Poem-a-day, April 2018
                                                                                 WOODS READER, June 2018
Thank you for visiting,
— Tami

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