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Welcome to the single-page entry concerning the most relevant information about what Tami Richards; history enthusiast, reader, writer, is up to.  Presented below, In reverse chronological order, is her electronic portfolio:
Unfettered, A global arena of the fairer sex is a work in progress concerned with the exploration of an archetype unfettered by geographical and geopolitical restraints and undaunted by time. YES, we can uncover those seemingly lost to the annals of history… can’t we?
Click Here to read the proposal for Unfetteredworldmap2Updated post on the Willamette Valley Blog (Fairview Training Center becomes Pringle Creek Community.)
Who Cares? An observation of Dorothea Lynde Dix and Nellie Bly concluding that a society neglecting it’s most vulnerable population is indeed wholly poor in virtue.
Nellie BlyNewest read: Raising the Bar by Ruth Rymer.  A thought-provoking demonstration of a woman’s true grit to secure fair and equitable treatment for women in the legal system.
This video is not my work, but I’m going to embed it in the Juana Azurduy Padilla profile I’m working on:
A few interesting additions to my history, reading, writing blog, (which I totally recommend, btw)
Yennenga is a piece which will be included on a blog hop for women’s history month 2022.
A review of Humanity’s Grace by Dede Montgomery – a book that totally surprised me.
WIP: BRANCHES was born from my interest in local history, – specifically logging history in the case of BRANCHES – my granddaughter’s fascination with Native American culture and history, a Bible found inscribed with the name of a 20 year old soldier killed in Vietnam, the rise in homeless and/or drug addled persons, and wondering if…when a person dies – do their deeds die or do they live on in the deeds done by those they left behind? — Their branches.
A piece about Beverly Cleary featured on the website of Literary Ladies Guide.
An overview of Who Cares? Thoughts on Apathy, an essay collection imagined to be much coveted by the masses.
In a separate bit here is an exploration of Biblio.
Here is a review of a very inspirational book by Nava Atlas, The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life.
South America will be one region featured in Unfettered.
Literary Ladies Guide has been kind enough to reprint Tami’s Hazel Hall .
hazel hall 2BOOK REVIEW of  Beyond the Ripples, written by Dede Montgomery.
ripples montgomeryBlog Post: The Town of Willamette. On my Willamette Valley Heritage blog.
DSC02744A new blog post about the dams which make living in the Willamette Valley possible.  It’s posted on my blog, Willamette Valley Heritage: Barns and Structures. DSC_0443
A Goodreads review for What Story are you Living?  by Dr. Carol S. Pearson
WIP: Heroic Vignettes; Feminine Chinese, the Fighters and Writers.  
Work in Progress: Heroic Vignettes: Feminine  West Africans – the Queens and Activists Sarraounia_MangouGuest Blog Post at Amazing Women in History linWOODS READER, The People’s TreeWoods+Cover+Q4+1.5in+RGBTREEPoem-a-day (One April I wrote a poem a day for poetry month. “O’Lean doesn’t really work, but hey – a poem a day anyway)   Diminishing: 
verseWoods Reader, The Valsetz Star
Willamette Valley Life, Ghost Towns of the Willamette Valleywvl2016
BLOG: WOMEN’S HISTORY AROUND THE WORLDbabBLOG : Willamette Valley Barns and Structures 12x8wallacerdbarn2An interview on radio station KGAL with Jeff McMahon about Willamette Valley ghost towns:13340185_10201598698967471_5468605884319226039_o
OUR USA , American Nostalgia
Jennifer Vandenberg and Tami put their heads together to write a Western novel:  Cottonwood Justice.
Heroic Vignettes: Book 1, Feminine Americans
Long Story, Short ezine
(Poem of the month)  A not-so-tongue-in-cheek yet very clever little (long-ish) bit featuring the semi-complicated roasting of the  self-absorbed navel gazer.  I_Still_Only_See_What_I_Want_to_See.com.
Willamette Valley Life, Finding Hope at the End of a BrushDr._NorekOur Town, Suffragist in Silverton: Abigail Scott Duniway Fought For Women’s RightsduniwayOur USA Magazine Poem: My Closet Identity.IMG_20201004_183017330Willamette Valley Life, Hoop Dreams
Our Town Life, Classy Cars: Two Cruz-N’s for O’Fest
This I Believe 
Slab Literary Journal, Notes and Grace Notes, More.com
Praise and Worship Website
Oregon Home Magazine
Herstoria Magazine
Poetry featured on Mr. Sifuentes’ literary blog
Book: “The Canvas Between The Lines”
Newbie-writers.com Newsletter
18th Century History                                                                                                         

Thanks for visiting,

Tami Richards. History enthusiast, reader, writer.

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