The Rhetorical Engineering of Tami Richards

I recently saw a graph about blogs that was divided into thirds. This graph showed that 1/3 of blogs are about cooking, 1/3 about conspiracy theories and 1/3 are self-promotion blogs.  Guess where the one you’re reading right now falls?  Fortunately for you, and perhaps unfortunate for me, I am quite poor at tooting my own horn. Welcome to the single-page entry concerning the most relevant information about what I am up to. Presented below, In reverse chronological order, is my electronic portfolio:
 WOODS READER, Dec. 2018
 WOODS READER, June 2018
 Poem-a-day, April 2018
Willamette Valley Life, Spring 2016
BOOK: HEROIC VIGNETTES, Feminine Americans
BLOG : Willamette Valley Barns and Structures
Willamette Woman
Long Story Short ezine
Willamette Valley Life
Our Town
Our USA Magazine
Willamette Valley Life
Our Town Life
This I Believe 
Slab Literary Journal
Notes and Grace Notes
The Muffin, “WOW”s blog
Praise and Worship Website
Oregon Home Magazine
Herstoria Magazine
Poetry featured on Mr. Sifuentes’ literary blog
Book: “The Canvas Between The Lines” Newsletter
18th Century History
Thank you for visiting,
— Tami
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