Welcome to the single-page entry concerning the most relevant information about what I’m up to. Presented below, In reverse chronological order, is my electronic portfolio:
BOOK REVIEW of a book written by local author Dede Montgomery.
BLOG: BOOK REVIEWS, one of my few less than favorable reviews is for A Spark of Light.
Blog Post: The Town of Willamette. On my Willamette Valley Heritage blog.
A new blog post about the dams which make living in the Willamette Valley possible.  It’s posted on my blog, Willamette Valley Heritage: Barns and Structures. DSC_0443
A Goodreads review for What Story are you Living?  by Dr. Carol S. Pearson
WIP: Heroic Vignettes, Book 3: Feminine Chinese, the Fighters and Writers.  
Work in Progress: Heroic Vignettes: Book 2: Feminine  West Africans – the Queens and Activists Sarraounia_Mangou
Guest Blog Post at Amazing Women in History lin
WIP: Novel; Branches92220762_884324262035389_961428527993847808_n WOODS READER, The People’s TreeWoods+Cover+Q4+1.5in+RGBTREE
Poem-a-day (One April I wrote a poem a day for poetry month. “O’Lean doesn’t really work, but hey – a poem a day anyway)   Diminishing: 
verseWoods Reader, The Valsetz Star
Willamette Valley Life, Ghost Towns of the Willamette Valleywvl2016
BLOG : Willamette Valley Barns and Structures 12x8wallacerdbarn2
Me! During an interview on radio station KGAL with Jeff McMahon about Willamette Valley ghost towns:13340185_10201598698967471_5468605884319226039_o
OUR USA , American Nostalgia
Jennifer Vandenberg and I teamed up to write a Western novel:  Cottonwood Justice.
BOOK: Heroic Vignettes, Book 1: Feminine Americans 
Book one of a series of brief biographies portraying the wisdom and strength of female heroes; women who rose above their circumstances to improve their lives and their world.  
Heroic Vignettes: Book 1, Feminine Americans
Long Story, Short ezine
(Poem of the month)  A not-so-tongue-in-cheek yet very clever little (long-ish) bit featuring the semi-complicated roasting of the  self-absorbed navel gazer.  I_Still_Only_See_What_I_Want_to_See.com.
Willamette Valley Life, Finding Hope at the End of a Brush
Our Town, Suffragist in Silverton: Abigail Scott Duniway Fought For Rights
Our USA Magazine Poem: My Closet Identity.IMG_20201004_183017330
Willamette Valley Life, Hoop Dreams
Our Town Life, Classy Cars: Two Cruz-N’s for O’Fest
This I Believe 
Slab Literary Journal, Notes and Grace Notes, More.com
Praise and Worship Website
Oregon Home Magazine
Herstoria Magazine
Poetry featured on Mr. Sifuentes’ literary blog
Book: “The Canvas Between The Lines”
Newbie-writers.com Newsletter
18th Century History                                                                                                         

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